A Hutch is not enough-rabbit run

Bespoke secure rabbit runs made to order.

Ideally your pet rabbit should have a permanent access to a minimum 8 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft run in addition to their hutch

These are the minimum measurements according to the Animal Welfare Act.

Typical pet shop hutches and runs are far too small, even those labelled large or mansion.

We can build secure runs/enclosures and can modify the standard ones to integrate them with your existing  hutch.

We use exterior grade treated 50 mm x 25 mm timber or alternatively 50 mm x 50 mm timber and 16 gauge galvanised welded wire mesh which creates a secure environment from predators.

Although the cost of a new larger run is greater than the shop supplied integrated hutch’s s, we strive to create a better ¬†quality of life for your pets.


Why not give your pets the secure space they require for a happy life not the cramped boxes they sell in the local pet store.